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Assalam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

In addition to the State financial crime, economic crime has occurred and crimes against humanity in nearly all mining projects and the energy that runs along the major capitalist countries of the world and also with the backing of the world’s financial institutions.

Within days of this Nahar Muslim world celebrates Eid al-Adha. Hajj is in addition to the general look is a phenomenal event in the accumulation of human beings in the form of an international congress in Makkah al-Mukarrahmah, is also represents a monumental event that (should) have major implications on the lives of people and improving world order.
Not just in the form of ritual sacrifice that requires the consumption of animal nutrition countless as the commodity economy, and the distribution that represents the social welfare (social welfare) and social justice (social justice). But all this is just follow the terms of the formation aqidah regarding the prophetic role Ibrahim,  the father of Samawi religions, when examined historically.

Let us recalled the early days of our independence in the years 1940’s. Countries that initially gave recognition of the independence of Indonesia which was proclaimed on August 17, 1945 is Egypt. Very easy to explain, that political support is very important that the State originated from the same solidarity in the struggle against the occupation of Western nations.

At the same time, namely during the newly proclaimed Indonesia’s most needed international recognition, we know that some of the Nations of Western Nations, if not most of it, still seemed in a state of doubt, if not put the objection of Indonesian independence.

At that time the United Nations and other world institutions systematically been placed under the ordinances of the interests of the Western imperialist countries, which complicates the struggle to uphold the existence of the Republic of Indonesia on the international recognition stage.

By reviewing the history we become increasingly understand that international solidarity is not limited to narrow issues such as the educational needs of new generations that has long drawn attention to institutions of higher education in the Middle East known as Al-Azhar in Egypt.

Looking at the objective conditions of our existence under sub-ordinated Western nations today, then we feel like calling back a new solidarity to uphold the head and sovereignty in the midst of the world association. Reducing the level of dependence on western capitalism is an honor and dignity, both for political sovereignty and economic sovereignty.

World must record Bung Karno and Bung Hatta as a single bi-very persistent fight for freedom from the shackles of colonialism, while the broad solidarity among the oppressed nations in the third world. Even the courage of Indonesia in the 50s declared out of the UN, very, very commendable as the violent protests in the name of the fate of the oppressed nations of the role that is not neutral and is not fair or even the process of implementation of UN institutions as institutions that increasingly oppressive world also shared institutions -instusi other extras.

That attitude has a great thrill echoing in the block west and in the eastern bloc. “Rowing in between two rocks”, as described Bung Hatta, very difficult indeed. Unfortunately, many people and interest groups, which until today could only mention the Bung Karno and Bung Hatta for narrow interests. It is a great sin for people today, who only carry the name of Bung Karno as a political commodity while fostering feudalism. Thoughts, ideals and behavior and role model Bung Karno never be studied and addressed at all. It’s very sad for a nation.

Management of political succession has dark notes we have seen in Indonesia’s history until we know what is called the Old Order  (Orde Lama) and New Order (Orde Baru). Authoritarian regime under Soeharto brought certain changes to the keywords of development.

Under capitalism dictation world economic architecture and design of the flow of Berkley Mafia, deideologisation process systematically executed with a record of human rights abuses is very black. Growth (economic growth) into the goal. Equitable is not required except to the extent of political rhetoric. Because equality is not important, then this country as if it is correct with no bias to the farmers.

Now age is 63 years of independent Indonesia. But, as a bad picture of the State treatment of farmers, only 11.28% of rural land where the majority of people depend already successfully certified according to the Basic Agrarian Law. The nation is obliged to question the intentions of its leaders in the fight for the fate of the people.

New Order’s economic base is built on a tradition of massive corruption has plunged this nation into a deep abyss. This nation’s biggest corruption starts from the “bureaucratic forces” and their partners in Western countries that let their money being poured (through international agencies like IMF, World Bank, ADB, etc.) on a large scale corruption.

Note Suharto, who had never thought of employee salaries need to rise to be able to support themselves and family. With a meager salary of all officers of government corruption are welcome just do not really get caught. Surely this is a major human rights violations in the selfhood of the Republic of Indonesia, which apparently perpetuated until today.

Not if Soemitro Djoyohadikusumo figment called a minimum rate of 30% to the level of diversion of state funds during the New Order’s heyday. At the end of the heyday of New Order, Indonesia is the country’s biggest corruption in the world. Strangely, it was also the position taken by the behavior of the current nationality. In fact we topple Suharto’s partly because of corruption

Never forget a lot of irregularities under the leadership of Soeharto’s New Order controlled. But now, people trying to obscure the history, making the figure of the New Order as a hero, for the sake of a very narrow and momentary. All people should be made aware, that this country still do not have to break in the fighting. This country has not need to stop talking firmly against all the sins of bureaucratic, political sins and economic sins.

O Allah, show the right path to all the elite of this nation, let them stand as a nation of honest, full of morality and concern the future and safety of people who have this severe pain.

Many forms of consolidation of certain groups which aims to restore the needle to the back history. Not only because of the longing of the past, but rather on the temporary interest. But this setback behind the movement they are unable to calculate the amount of sacrifice of the people, especially students and young generation in achieving reforms to bring the republic in the right direction. Rabbana, ma khalaqta hazda bathila (My God, all these events never to no avail).

In relation to sovereignty and national independence struggle that had become the theme of pilgrimage associated with the event and its implications, we were very sad with the condition of the nation and the State today is increasingly leading to the State korporatokrasi. Ketergadaian become prominent features. Check back all contract works made for the management of natural resources (oil) which indicates ketergadaian sovereignty of a State.

In addition to the State financial crime, economic crime has occurred and crimes against humanity in nearly all mining projects and the energy that runs along the major capitalist countries of the world and also with the backing of the world’s financial institutions.

In the end we concluded that ketergadaian State sovereignty seems more rooted in the crisis that happened to statesmanship “operators” who plays an important role in this country, who volunteered to portray himself as a comprador-comprador (agents), foreign, and the same did not think about the future of the State and nation.

Let’s hope the current deterioration of our country will become a momentum that encourages repentance in Nasuha (seriously) for each keterlanjuran (sins) in controlling the way this republic.

Wassalamu alaikum wr.wb.


Untuk versi awal (Indonesia) posting ini klik saja di sini SEBUAH RENUNGAN

Shohibul Anshor Siregar, Koordinator Umum ‘nBASIS


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  1. tonykoes says:

    Ass Wr.Wb… I hope so..deterioration of our country will become a momentum to Nasuha.. Great Artcles..wss.

    ‘nBASIS: Wa’alaikumussalam wr.wb. So let’s pray for better Indonesia (future).

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